• VoiceIt 'Plan'
  • VoiceIt 'Connect'
  • VoiceIt 'Imagine'
  • VoiceIt 'Do'
  • VoiceIt 'Explore'
  • VoiceIt 'Share'
  • VocieIt 'Reflect'

Voice It

Toolbox worked with the Department for Education to create a toolkit for students across South Australia to empower decision-making and project management. The name ‘Voiceit’ was created by Toolbox to highlight the student voice aspect this kit will deliver through student wellbeing-focused projects. The kit teaches Design Thinking methodologies in simple, structured formats for students to understand, with student resources and prompt cards, to lead them through a project, plus teacher resources to help their classes work through the process. Toolbox worked these graphics around the concept of ‘idea generation’  through the use of multimedia collages, the different textures, patterns, colours and overlays represent different perspectives and creative processes.