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Street and Park Furniture are a highly regarded maker and supplier of street infrastructure throughout Australia, based in South Australia for over 25 years. The company had been suffering with an issue of differentiation from their competitors in an increasingly competitive marketplace. After undertaking a brand strategy process and audit, it was immediately apparent from their competitors, including Street Furniture Australia, Park and Garden Furniture, Park Furniture Solutions, etc that the market could not tell any of them apart.

We decided that a full rebranding, including the dramatic step of re-naming the company was required and would generate immediate results in differentiation and personality.


Toolbox renamed the company Spark, which is both a shortening of their current name, and an evocative reference to the creative/design focus the company wants to bring to the industry and their products.

The symbol created for the logo takes the form of an asterisk, within a hexagon, which is symbolic of a spark, which is contained within a 3 dimensional cube, evoking the physical and spacial nature of their work.

The application of this brand is intentionally restrained, making the images of their products the hero in each application. The identity also allows application to actual furniture objects by laser-cutting, engraving, branding etc.