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Rare Find Foundation

After the loss of her beautiful almost 2 year old son Sebastian to Tay Sachs Disease in 2019, Anna Pak Poy embarked on the creation of a foundation in his memory. Toolbox Director Adam Carpenter met Sebby on a photoshoot for the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation, and immediately agreed to help Anna and her team, creating a brand on a pro-bono basis and personally joining the board to help further.

The next stage of the relationship with Toolbox and Rare Find was the creation of a world-leading and Australasian first, life-changing resource kit and website for families affected by these devastating conditions. The final product, was a huge collaborative effort with world-leading researchers, the board and working team of writers, families and a huge commitment from Anna herself and Project Managers Silvia and Kathryn. Toolbox worked with 6 volumes of heavy medical and emotional content to create a humanised, caring and considerately toned library of booklets which help families through their difficult journey in a respectful and sensitive way.

The final identity is centered around Rare Find’s company values: Care & support – Awareness & education – Research & data. These values unify through the use of a considered colour palette, complementary typefaces, and and memorable logo design.