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City of Unley – Find Your Everything is an initiative of the City of Unley Mainstreets Digital Economy Project, enabling ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers to be competitive in today’s digital economy.

Toolbox created the name, identity, website and promotional material for the project. The concept embraces the vibrancy and variety of “things” you can find in and around the City of Unley and the contrast of different experiences across the 5 main-streets and everywhere in between. FindYourEverything positions City of Unley as the go-to destination for all of your needs and an everything-in-one-place offering unlike anywhere else in Adelaide.

The visual representation of this concept involves a myriad of individual objects and elements which evoke the eclectic mix of what could be “your” everything.

As a primarily digital campaign, the data for the success of this project has been closely checked by the digital team and surveyed through City of Unley resident surveys. Survey results have been extremely positive and uptake statistics, plus click through rates have delivered results beyond expectations.

Toolbox also helped create the FindYourEverything eMagazine. A quarterly publication,
available on your iPad or tablet, the magazine provides an opportune platform for
local businesses to further showcase their wares through interactive feature
articles and reviews.

Since its implementation the initiative has won two Tourism SA Awards for best
destination marketing and one Mainstreet SA Award for marketing excellence.