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Bond Store Wallaroo

Originally built in 1865, the Bond Store in Wallaroo is a historic landmark with a new lease on life. In 2019, owners Derek and Nicole had a unique vision to create a micro brewery and micro distillery together in the one site. Fast forward 12 months and the team at Bond Store Wallaroo welcomed a full suite of new spirit packaging, designed by Toolbox, to reflect their broad range of nine distinctive and often brightly-coloured spirits.

The new labels bring the original brand elements to life with bold colours reflective of each spirit. A consistent design style which is unmistakably theirs ties the range together. Toolbox worked with CCL Labels in Barossa to bring beautiful embellishments to the labels, including copper foil and high build varnish details to enhance the patterns on each label, whilst connecting the venue’s historical story to its contemporary offering.

After successfully designed the brand extension and label designs for the ‘Bond Store Craft Gin’ range from Wallaroo in the north of South Australia, it seemed only natural to adapt this same iconic design – based on the region’s iconic grain crop – to suit a range of beer labels. Using a striking colour palette including metallic foils, the result is mesmerisingly simple, and provides the Bond Store brand with broad appeal and outstanding shelf presence.

Photography: Simon Casson