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Toolbox have worked with five major Australian and New Zealand Audiology brands for several years: AudioClinic, Hearing Life, Western Hearing Services, Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions and Hearing Life in New Zealand. In 2019, Toolbox was selected to roll-out a complete re-brand for these brands under the one world-leading hearing healthcare company, Audika. With over 430 clinics across Australia and New Zealand, the process included development of in-clinic collateral, DM and eDM campaigns, signage, print advertisements and promotional campaigns. We continue to develop and manage these materials for Audika Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the rebrand, Toolbox developed a welcome pack including a folder, information sheets and DL inserts, to be provided to Audika’s clients upon their purchase of hearing devices. This welcome pack takes the recipient through the maintenance, storage and troubleshooting associated with their devices, and includes an information sheet for family and friends.

Toolbox continues to roll out new Audika brand campaigns across a wide variety of applications.