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Sideroads Coffee

Owner and Founder Robyn Katzin began her Sideroads Coffee journey back in 2016, after a trip to Japan led to the discovery of the single-serve drip coffee filter – a simple, highly effective way of brewing a single cup of coffee. Robyn combined this innovation with the coffee of locally and regionally sourced roasters, and a business was born. Ultimately, Sideroads provides a convenient, lightweight, quality solution to coffee on-the-go.

Toolbox was engaged to help the Sideroads brand come to life. The final identity is centered around local provenance – most importantly coffee – tucked away in the sideroads of South Australia, undiscovered by those yet to venture there. The logo uses a ‘street sign’ motif paired with a monospace typeface for a hand-crafted, authentic look and feel. For the packaging, Toolbox took inspiration from street art, famously hidden in the depths of local and regional towns. Vibrant colours, patterns and textures adorn the packaging: each piece of art working in correspondence with the coffee’s region, blend and tasting notes.

A photoshoot directed by our creative director was the final touch to highlight the versatility of Sideroads Coffee – curated for passion, flavour and provenance.  /  Photography: Simon Casson