Prohibition Barrel Aged Gin

Prohibition Shiraz Barrel Aged Gin is the latest in an award-winning stable of products for Prohibition. This product is the result of ageing in some auspicious barrels, formerly holding American Bourbon from famed maker Wild Turkey in Kentucky, most recently Barossa Valley Shiraz. This barrel influence gives a beautiful red colour to the spirit and a rich oaked rye back note to the flavour of the spirit.

Continuing a tradition of back label treatment which Toolbox established on the first release of Prohibition Original gin, this time telling a story on the back label of the provenance of the barrel stock and the connection to the barrels and blood spilt in prohibition times. The image seen through the reddish spirit is one of original 1920s heritage depicting the police of the time spilling barrels of liquid into the streets, which is particularly relevant to the context it is viewed through.

Toolbox were extremely proud to receive a Silver Award and the overall Workspace major award at the 2018 DIA SA/NT Awards for this project. The notes from the major sponsor and judges of the awards were as follows:

The design took judges down a journey filled with intricate detail of both product and materials. The aesthetic of the glass itself its enhanced by detail at every level of label, from the embossed front label, to the integrated visuals coming through the translucent contents from the back label. More than just labels to transmit information , the design tells a story of heritage, adds a weight of quality and class to the product itself.

The meticulous detail carries through to the stopper, the quality finish is only surpassed by the back story of recycled content inputs, which implies a legacy and history, further reinforcing the brief.

A design that makes you want to own a bottle and savour the enjoyment of the product.

Tom Clark – CEO Workspace